Monday, March 28, 2005

Good stuff from the Internets

This week's This American Life, following the theme of "Know You Enemy," features a pretty funny story about Jello Biafra making friends with the former prosecutor who brought obscenity charges against him in the Frankenchrist trial. There's also a meeting between the Israeli defense minister and a failed suicide bomber, and a great story in the prologue about how Superman helped take down the Klan.

The Pre-War Blues Blog has an all-Stagger Lee post up. Really impressive look at many of the near-infinite recordings of this classic American folk ballad. I especially liked hearing The Rulers' Stagger Lee song "Wrong 'Em Boyo," which the Clash cover on London Calling. Makes for an interesting comparison, the former lazily bouncing along as Jamaican ska does, the latter furiously pogoing in the style of British ska c.1980.

Finally, let me point out this L.A. Weekly piece on carnies which I keep starting to read and then getting distracted from. Interesting stuff for all carnie enthusiasts now jonesing from lack of Carnivale.


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