Thursday, May 26, 2005

Birthday, part one

My birthday is actually not until tomorrow, but Wednesday was the day the folks at my work observed it. So let's back up to Tuesday. Surely, you all saw the picture of Phil Spector, who showed up in court Monday wearing an absurd afro and high-heeled platform boots:

Image hosted by

I cut that photo out and hung it up outside my cubicle Tuesday. When I came in to work Wednesday morning, my cubicle was decorated with balloons and stuff, and several photocopies of the Phil Spector photo. One coworker even decorated a Phil Spector balloon:

Phil Balloon

Note the platform boots. Actually, quite a good charicature. I like the way the little line of a mouth captures Phil's expression. For lunch, they took me out to Classic Thai. I always ask to go for thai on my birthday, because it's one of my favorite foods, but my wife doesn't like it much. Last year we went to Saladang in Pasadena. Classic Thai doesn't have as extensive a menu as Saladang, nor as enticing decor, nor as hot waitresses, but it's local, and it has an outdoor patio. I had the Beef Salad, the only thing on the menu with the word "spicy" next to it. It was, perhaps, a little too spicy.

Beef Salad (note the preponderance of ground chili)

Next time I go there--and I'm definitely resolved to start going more often (this is only my second time, and the first was so long ago I can barely remember it)--I'm going to get the papaya salad. Had a few bites, and O, so good!

Papaya Salad

For dessert, got some fried bananas, which were delicious--actually better than the fancier (covered in coconut, soaked in rum, and set on fire at the table) version at Saladang. There was also a great cake, bananas under a layer of custard and a dollop of whip cream, with crust made out of coconut.

The rest of my birthday celebration will be a low-key enjoyment of little pleasures, which is how I like it. I'm taking the day off, sleeping in, having half-and-half in my coffee, a few bong hits, finish that Travis McGee novel, a shopping spree at Amoeba, hit Brand Books for their Memorial Day sale, finish up with a blender full of fresh fruit, crushed ice and rum and a cool movie. Next week is the pyjama party.

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