Saturday, May 14, 2005

One more Meltzer quote

Here's one last pull quote from the Meltzer book before I have to turn it back in to the library. This one is just funny because it shows how little fandom has changed over the years. It's from "Fan Clubs From Here To Dubuque!," published in Crawdaddy, 1970. It's a funny rundown of contact information for obscure fanclubs for bands like Cyrkle, Spooky Tooth and Bloodwyn Pig, or the "Both Morrisons Fanclub" (for fans of both Van and Jim).

Fran Schtaichz, a true veteran of the fan club "wars" (asst. prez of the
JOHN FRED AND THE PLAYBOYS FAN CLUB and former picnic director of the UNIT
PLUS TWO F.C.), has taken off on her won with a PHIL OCHS/SMALL FACES
CLUB. Fed up with all the "ignorant, illiterate fans" she's had to
with in her various capacities with other clubs, this time she says
will be open to college graduates only.

Jesus, that sounds so much like some shit you'd here on the internet today. "Only college graduates in my Everwood/One Tree Hill LiveJournal Community! I'm sick of dealing with ignorant, illiterate fans!"


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