Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Spittin' Wicked Randomness Vol. 5

We started the Hallowe'en season this weekend. It seems the weather has been happy to oblige us in this. Dark and stormy nights have prevailed since Saturday, finally putting an end to the overstayed summer.

Friday night, we went down to Hollywood Blvd. to put the finishing touches on our costumes. The Hollywood Toy and Costume Shop closes at 7 on a Friday night, even during October? What the fuck is with this town? You'd think all these businesses on Hollywood Blvd. would stay open a little late on the weekends to take advantage of the crowds. Afterwards, we ate at Micelli's, and the wait staff was all taking turns singing Dean Martin tunes and opera arias at the piano.

Saturday, we decorated the house and watched Eyes Without A Face. Creepy little film. The score haunts me--where have I heard that music before? Generally, it sounds like every Danny Elfman score for a Tim Burton movie, but I'm positive I've heard that exact theme somewhere else. Sunday, we caught Chaney's Phantom of the Opera on TCM. God, I love that film. There's something so eerie and dream-like about the images, the way the characters seem to float through those strange, elaborate sets.

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anywhere Else is an excellent audioblog. This guy's been posting Halloween themed mp3's, as well as some great proto-rock-n-roll tracks. Also, shout out to Something I Learned Today for turning me on to The Bellrays (incredible band), and now for posting some much-coveted tracks from the mysterious Rocket From The Tombs. I was going to say something snide about him posting one of the shittiest punk records ever, but reading the comments on that one, I just feel like a big meany.

Tonight at 8 on TCM: The Wild, Wild Planet (1965): Space amazons contraol the Earth by shrinking it's leaders. Sounds good to me. Also, tomorrow is a definite Set Yr VCR night, as they're showing ALL of the Val Lewton horror movies: Cat People, The Seventh Victim, I Walked With A Zombie, The Leopard Man, The Ghost Ship, The Curse of the Cat People, The Body Snatcher and Bedlam. I've only seen two of those (The Cat People, which is excellent, and I Walked With A Zombie, which is one of my all-time favorites). I'm going to try to catch The Seventh Victim, Curse of the Cat People, and possibly Bedlam. Arsenic and Old Lace is playing twice this weekend (on Saturday and Sunday), and Monday morning at 1:30am, Zombies on Broadway (1945): Two bumbling press agents seek a real zombie for a night club opening. How can you go wrong with that? Finally, next week is Hitchcock Week. 39 Hitchcock flicks, including quite a bit of rare stuff.

Oh yeah, that P-Funk documentary was pretty good, although I felt like it could have been longer. Amazing footage of various incarnations of Parliament, Funkadelic, The Brides of Funkenstein, etc. I wish more of this footage would find it's way onto DVD in unexpurgated form. The thing that got my attention the most was Wayne Kramer talking about frequent Saturday night shwos in Detroit that would feature MC5, Funkadelic and The Stooges, all on the same bill! Can you imagine?


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