Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kids Today

Yesterday, around 3:30, we all got a strange email telling us that the administrative building was on lockdown. The doors would be locked, but we were all free to come and go, just don't let any students in. A strange request, so of course people began asking questions. It turns out there was a board meeting the next morning, and some students had gotten wind of plans to close the Women's Center some time in the future, and were planning on showing up and having a sit in.

Naturally, the kids managed to get in the building. They cared passionately about getting in, and none of us particularly gave a shit about keeping them out. A coworker told me that they were sitting in the President's office as she was walking out at 5:00, and she overheard him talking to them. He told them they were free to stay, but had to stay out in the lobby, not inside his office. "But it's too cold, and there's no carpet to sleep on," they protested! Well, OK, then they could stay on the first floor. "But we need extension chords to plug in our computers so we can do our homework!" Is this the lamest bunch of student protestors you've ever heard of, or what?


Blogger Chris Oliver said...

Ted Koppel will be dedicating an entire chapter of his upcoming book, The Lamest Generation, to this episode.

12/08/2005 2:26 PM  

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