Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Movie Quiz

Can't resist. Taken from Paul, originating from Harry Knowles, and passed on to whomever wants it. I got bored of putting in all the imdb links halfway through, so just ignore the sloppiness.

1) First Movie you saw in a theater? The Song of the South

2) First R-Rated Film You Bought A Ticket For By Yourself? You'd think I would know this, wouldn't you?

3) Favorite Movie Snack? Raisinettes.*

4) Favorite film going experience? When my friend Dan worked at the theater, and for a whole week we'd get stoned and go see PeeWee's Big Adventure, then, when it ended, run to the screen next door and watch Rambo, starting at the exact moment when he breaks out of the POW camp.**

5) Stupidest thing you did that you saw in a Movie? Generally, believe that if you act really obnoxious like Bill Murray and Burt Reynolds, chicks will dig you.

6) First film to inspire carnal thoughts for the opposite sex? Hmmm....possibly Star Crash, or the 80's Flash Gordon.

7) Have you ever paid for one movie and snuck into another? Hell yeah.

8) Have you ever seen a movie in Drive-In? Yes – the aforementioned Song of the South, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, both at the Drive-In that once stood at the north end of North River Shores in Jensen Beach, FL. Later, an all-night Women's Prison festival at the Ft. Pierce Drive-In (I swear to God!)

9) Have you ever had sex in a car while watching a movie in a Drive-In? No

10) If so, what film? N/A

11) Ever had sex in a movie theater? No, but did have sex in a theater theater (not during a play).

12) If so, what film? N/A

13) Favorite John Hughes Film? Breakfast Club, or maybe Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

14) Favorite Quentin Tarantino film? KILL BILL Vol. 1 & 2 (how could anyone pick anything else?)

15) Favorite Hitchcock Film? Vertigo

16) Favorite Spielberg Film? Jaws

17) Favorite Zombie Film? The first Evil Dead

18) Favorite Actor (dead)? Peter Sellers

19) Favorite Actor (living)? Crispin Glover or Harry Dean Stanton (if the question is "favorite movie star," then Jackie Chan, no question)

20) Favorite Character Actor Ever? Peter Lorre

21) Favorite Actress (dead)? Barbara Stanwyck

22) Favorite Actress (living)? Janeane Garrofalo or Allyson Hannigan. No, wait, scrath that...Pam Grier.

23) Favorite Character Actress Ever? Ruth Gordon

24) Favorite Theatrical Animated Character? Betty Boop, and Tex Avery's Wolf***

25) Favorite Film Score? PeeWee's Big Adventure - Danny Elfman

26) Favorite piece of Film Music? "The Hamurger Pimp's Theme" from Dolemite

27) Favorite Film Song? "Science Fiction Double Feature" from Rocky Horror Picture Show

28) Favorite Christmas Movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas

29) Favorite Film Genre? Kung Fu/Kaiju/Zombies/All-Girl Rock Bands****

30) Favorite Porn Film? Zazel

31) First Porn Film You Saw? Female Factory

32) Favorite Disney Film? FANTASIA (1940)

33) Favorite Western? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

34) Favorite Musical? Rock Musical: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Old School Musical: 42nd Street.

35) Favorite Horror Film? Evil Dead

36) Favorite Comedy? Tie: Monty Python’s THE LIFE OF BRIAN (1979) and DUCK SOUP (1933)

37) Favorite Science Fiction Film? 12 Monkeys

38) Favorite Suspense Film? Let me think...oh, Blue Velvet!

39) Favorite Romantic Film? Harold and Maude

40) Favorite Epic? Lame answer, but the Lord of the Rings Trilogy*****

41) Least Favorite Thing About Seeing Films in A Theater? Can't smoke pot.

42) Favorite Thing about Seeing Films in a Theater? Experiencing the movie communally with a crowd.

43) If you could be any film character, who? Z-Man Barzell

44) If you could have sex with any film character, who? Coffy. Vixen. Ming's daughter from Flash Gordon. The entire female cast of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

45) If you could live happily ever after with a film character, who? OK, after much consideration: Frida Kahlo...but only if she's played by Salma Hayek!

46) If you could be any movie monster, who? GODZILLA!!!!

47) Favorite Film Critic? FX Feeney

48) Favorite Screen Writer? Quentin Tarantino

49) Favorite Director? Terry Gilliam

50) Chaplin or Keaton? Buster Keaton

*I don't really snack at the movies much. I love the smell of popcorn, but don't really care that much about the taste.

**Close runners-up include seeing Pulp Fiction with a packed house on opening weekend, The Blair Witch Project (which totally scared the shit out of me), and Giant Monsters All-Out Attack at the Egyptian, packed with people who were totally into it.

***I'm not sure what "theatrical" is supposed to mean--all those old shorts were originally played before features in theaters, so I'm counting them.

****Yes, all-girl rock band is a genre: Beyond the Vally of the Dolls, Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (and the sequel, Lovedoll Superstar), Josie and the Pussycats, Prey for Rock n Roll...

*****Unless I can count Kill Bill. I'm not that into epics.


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