Tuesday, February 14, 2006


There's a sale going on at Brand Library in Glendale, selling used CD's, records, laserdiscs, sheet music and art books. I kinda wish I was into laserdiscs, because they had a bunch of great stuff for $3 or so. But the only things that would have made me make the leap would have been finding Beyond the Valley of the Dolls or the unfuckedwith Star Wars trilogy (which I'm sure if they had it, it was gone in the first hour). Instead, I dug into the 50-cent records. It's amazing what you'll consider buying for 50 cents--I actually had two YES records in my stack (in fact, I ended up getting one)! But then, at the end, I ended up with something like 40 records, and I didn't want to drop $20 on records I was only vaguely interested in. Hell, at that price, I even bought a record I already had. Well, my copy was in pretty bad shape, and although some of these had worn covers, the records themselves were all in great condition, probably cleaned up by some diligent volunteer. Anyway, the record in question was the Disneyland Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House record, which I'm sure I could turn around and sell on eBay for some insane price if I wanted to.

I got a bunch of comedy records:

Mort Sahl at The Hungry i
Dick Gregory - Running for President
Bill Cosby - To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With
Flip Wilson - The Devil Made Me Do It
Lily Tomlin - This is a Recording
Jonathan Winters and Friends - Laugh...Live

and a compilation called We Are Most Amused: The Very Best of British Comedy, with lots of Monty Python, Goon Show, Spike Milligan, and such.

Other oddball stuff:

John Wayne - America, Why I Love Her(for 50 cents? Are you fucking kiddin' me?)
John Denver & The Muppets - A Christmas Together

Senator Sam At Home (this blew me away that I found this! If you've ever heard the Rhino CD compilation Golden Throats Vol. 2 (the one that has Leonard Nimoy singing Proud Mary and Sammy Davis, Jr. doing the theme from Shaft), this is the southern senator that recites Bridge Over Troubled Water over a harmonica background!)
Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater's original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.

Music stuff I got:

YES - Time and a Word. I'm listening to this right now. It's from 1970, second album I think, and it's still pretty proggy (I just heard them play a section from Appalachian Spring or something), but more psychedelic than their later stuff.
Hot Tuna Live (disapointing--I thought these guys were a heavy psychedelic rock band, but this is just acoustic blues in the Grateful Dead vein)
Leon Redbone - Double Time
KISS - Rock and Roll Over
(couldn't resist--I love this album cover!)
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Heavy Metal Soundtrack
(ah, nostalgia!)

...But the best record I got was Cannonball Adderly Presents Soul Zodiac, Vol. 1, which is a bunch of freaky, funky jazz over which a narrator reads about the signs of the zodiac. Fucking amazing! (I thought Soul Sides had posted some of this a while back, but that was a different record)

Then they had CD's for $2, or 3 for $5. I got:

Pimps, Players & Private Eyes (collection of Blaxploitation theme songs that I've wanted forever!)
Southern Culture on the Skids - For Lovers Only (the one with "Daddy Was a Preacher, Mama Was a Go-Go Girl")
Jellyfish - Bellybutton
Praxis - Transmutations: Mutatis Mutandi
(which I have on cassette, but now I have it on CD too)
Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift
The KLF - The White Room
(I really wish they had had The Chill Out, because that's the disc I really want, but hey...I'm a sucker for Robert Anton Wilson refernces)

Not a bad haul for $20, eh?


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