Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spittin' Wicked Randomness, Vol. 10

Things I'm looking forward to:

May 30:
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier

From here:

The "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier" by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. It's an original hardcover and "one of the more revolutionary books the industry has ever seen," said Dunbier The book follows the history of the group from its "very early" origins to the 1950s. Having 185 pages of actual story, it's larger than either of the original miniseries. "Kevin has been doing a fantastic job," said Dunbier. The book will use different types of paper for different sections and 3-D effects. While 3-D "normally (consists of) throwing balls at the camera; this one has real meaning and is incredibly complex. The way Alan wrote it and Kevin draws it is unique and fantastic. Alan has called it 'the most fabulous book in the history of the universe,' and he isn't far wrong."
"I've just talked with Kevin O'Neill about the new LoEG, "Dark Dossier", which will be a big story jumping all over the place from the dawn of time to the 50's. Remember the first "new" LoEG announcement where Moore mentioned he was going in a recording studio? It's for a record which will be sold with the book, including songs performed by (50's) characters of the book, Moore does the singing, à la Roy Orbson, american accent and all"

June 13:
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls DVD

June 6: Dazed and Confused: The Criterion Collection
And I guess this kinda goes without saying at this point, but...

August 18: Snakes on a Plane!!!

Hey, MAD Magazine is still funny! Dailykos has evidence!

The Edison Frankenstien! Holy Shit! I've been wanting to see this for years! I think there's some bullshit keeping it from coming out on DVD, but the internet once again proves itself to reign supreme!

Bam! Blurp! Cruncheth! (thanks to CartoonBrew)

The spread of sugar, pineapple, other zesty things, and near-hideous amounts of gloriously beautiful burning ginger has the effect of, I don't know, a smurf-sized team of soccer hooligans quickly spreading across my entire tongue and delivering glorious beatings to every seperate part of it.


Blogger Ben Miró said...

I think I'm more jazzed about the Ebert commentary on "Beyond..." than the film itself.

4/17/2006 8:20 AM  

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