Monday, July 31, 2006

Sayin' This-n-That, Cuz This-n-That Was Missin'

Read the new installment of my What's Left column, covering Billy Wilder's media satire Ace in the Hole (1951), at The Fake Life. I'm going to be publishing these columns every other monday, discussing films that somehow manage to remain unavailable on DVD (which gets harder every month).

Blockbuster seems to be SERIOUSLY trying to divest itself of old DVD's. At my local branch (and, I assume, all the other branches), they have rows of DVD's going for $14.99, $12.99, $9.99, $7.99. Not only that, but it's 4 for $20 (only for the $9.99 and under titles, which is most of them excepting recent, popular stuff). My lust for cheap shit got the best of me, and I bought Our Man Flint, Snake in Monkey's Shadow (which I can't wait to watch at the next Kung Fu Night), Eastern Condors and (I can't believe this) the two-disc Freaked! I kind of wish I had gotten the other Flint movie to go with the first one instead of Eastern Condors (which I love, but I only picked it up because it was $7.99, and once I found out about the 4-for-$20 deal, the price of them all becomes equal, so...). I'm probably going to go back for In Like Flint, my shameful guilty pleasure Prey for Rock n Roll, and some other stuff (they had the film noir Criss Cross, and John Woo's A Better Tomorrow, and...God, there was something else I really wanted, what was it?). The bad part is that this cuts into my DVD budget, postponing my purchases of the Boondocks and Ultraman sets that I so badly covet. Oh, and they have what looks like hundreds of copies of The Aviator for $4.99. What the hell, it's Scorsese, it's about old Hollywood, it's the price of a rental...

Tangentially, after rewatching Our Man Flynt, I'm coming to the conclusion that there are no truly great films in that genre (the 60's James Bond spoof/ripoff). There's lots of very cool films, including the Flint films, the Matt Helm movies, Casino Royale, and Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, but none of them are really GREAT movies, like Caged Heat for Women's Prison Movies, or Coffy/Dolemite/Superfly for Blaxploitation.

They were filming a rap video on my street last week. The whole day, our little dead-end block was lined with pimped-out classic cars, lowrider bicycles, and black and latino extras, "gangsta" division. I heard the song as they were filming, and it sounded like Snoop Dogg, but I got the impression it was a latino rapper. Either the song or the group was called "Vatos."


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