Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Chlorinator

Here's another gem from the archives. This is, let's see, I'd estimate this is summer of 1989. Dan was working as a lifeguard at a second-rate waterslide park called The Rapids ("Ride the rapids, have some fun/Ride the rapids everyone!"). This time it was a party at Tercio's house. Tercio's mom had all kinds of decorative seashells and whatnot around the house, and the last time we had partied at his house, something got broken, so this time we had to come up with a strategy: hide everything fragile. But when you're talking about a coffee table covered with seashells arranged in patterns, you run into the problem of remembering how they were arranged. So we took Zane's by now obligatory camcorder and filmed how everything was around the house before hiding it. Then we would tape all the hijinx at the party, and in the morning we would put the tape on, replace all the fragile items according to their positions, and then watch the rest of the tape. When we got to the end of the tape, there was The Chlorinator.

Apparantly, after all the drunks had passed out, Dan and Tercio made this entire film (probably in close proximity to the sleeping bodies), drove out to the beach in time to film the sunrise, came back and dubbed the audio at the end using a classical record from Tercio's father's collection, all before anyone woke up.

I have to say, I really like the way the shots are set up in this, and the way the environment around the pool, with the tropical plants they had growing there, and the strange architecture of that house around the stairway, are used. It's a really good-looking film.


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