Wednesday, October 18, 2006

CBGB 1973-2006

CBGB is now closed. Which I guess means I ought to write something about what this mythical club (that I've never set foot in, although I did insist that we at least walk past it the last time I was in NYC) means to me and all that, but I used up all my material last week.

It's sad, not in the "end of an era" sense, because that era ended long ago and didn't really have anything to do with the physical space anyway, but sad in a historical preservationist way. You'd like to think that places like CBGB or Trader Vic's or your favorite Drive-In Theater would always be there if you decided to drop by.

I also noticed, while reading the Rolling Stone piece, that in last week's post I kept referring to CBGB as "CBGB's," adding that posessive "s" that I always assumed was there. Maybe I had the heebee geebees.


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