Monday, January 29, 2007

Screencaps from So Wrong They're Right

This is one of the DVD's that Other Cinema Digital sent me. I only mentioned it briefly in the column, but it's a pretty cool docuemntary about people who collect 8-track tapes. So here's a few screencaps of 8-tracks.

There were, I think, 3 different people who displayed their Metal Machine Music 8-tracks, along with one Berlin, several VU albums, and lots of Lou Reed. Apparantly, Lou really resonates with the 8-track crowd. Actually, one of the coolest parts was one guy who noted there was a 30-second instrumental on the 8-track of Berlin that's not on any of the other formats!

Apparantly, Pussy Galore released an 8-track pressing of Dial M for Motherfucker! That's pretty cool. I know someone was displaying a Stooges 8-track, but I couldn't find it when I went looking for screencaps.

And there were these three guys, I guess they were a band, living in a house with thousands of 8-tracks. Look at that! Insane!


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