Friday, February 23, 2007

Oscars and Xtina

Actually a pretty tight Best Picture race this year. If I had to bet, I'd say it's going to The Departed, but the general buzz seems to be settling on Babel as the frontrunner, and I'm far from an expert on these things, so there you go. I'll be rooting for Forest Whittaker (I've been a fan of his for years, his face just seems to have the weight of the world on it), Eddie Murphy (I certainly hope he comes up with a better speech than he gave at The Globes), Guillermo Del Toro, and...well, Marty's gonna win for director, but I'd love for it to go to Paul Greengrass. Won't happen, though. I do hope the little girl wins for Little Miss Sunshine, and gets drunk before the show and goes up and yells "You're all a bunch of fucking cunts!" to the academy. And the Morricone tribute should be cool.

I did get around to seeing The Departed, and it's a damn fine film. Not as good as Children of Men or Pan's Labyrinth, but pretty darn good. And I picked up Babel from the video store on my lunch break, so I'll try to squeeze that one in tonight or tomorrow. Truth is, I'm more concerned with figuring out what to eat (probably Chinese delivery) and drink (martinis or Jack Daniels?) than with who's going to win.

So yeah, I do watch the Oscars. And Bobbie often gets me to watch the Emmys or Golden Globes as well. But I don't watch the incredibly heinous Grammys, so I didn't see this until this week. For the James Brown tribute at the Grammys, Christina Aguillera belting out "It's a Man's Man's Man's Man's World." She even does the knee drop! You can question the judgement of the Grammys in picking the little white girl, of all people, to salute James Brown, but you cannot question that she stepped. the fuck. up.

Also, if you have HBO, make a point of catching Rory Kennedy's documentary Ghosts of Abu Grahib. It's a sad story, and it will make you hate Rumsfeld even more than you already do, but it's important.

I was also going to write a response to this, but what's the point of spending three paragraphs to say "Michael Medved is an asshole?"

Oh, and go vote for James Younan again.


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