Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Jesus, I'm exhausted. I'm subbing for an ESL class in South Central this week, so every day I work 8 hours (while working up a lesson plan with every spare moment I get at work), take a short lunch so I can leave 15 minutes early, drive through downtown and arrive at school just in time to teach for 3 hours. And we're flying to Georgia next Tuesday, so as soon as this is done, I'll be getting ready for that trip.

This Friday and Saturday at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood: Movies & the Beats Part I - Venice Beach, Hollywood, New York & Beyond! Friday night it's Night Tide (1961): Director Curtis Harrington’s debut indie feature is a masterpiece, a haunted, poetic hymn to the dark world of the fly-by-night carnival, lonely midways at dawn and the siren call of eon’s-old passion spawned by the devils of the deep blue sea. In a fond nod to Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur’s CAT PEOPLE, at-loose-ends sailor Johnny Drake (Dennis Hopper) falls in love with sideshow mermaid, Mora (Linda Lawson) who may just somehow be related to the real thing. Shot in and around Santa Monica and Venice Beach in the beat culture’s heyday, the film continues to exert a strong spell, and is brimming with the heady atmosphere of bygone coffee houses, poet hipsters, languid jazz and bongos on the shore. With Luana Anders, Gavin Muir. This will be accompanied by two short documentary films shot in Venice Beach during the height of the beat movement and an hour-long slide show covering the Beat scene across L.A. in the late 50's and early 60's.

Saturday night, it's a double feature of the rare film noir The Beat Generation (1959) and the indie The Connection (1962). Both sound interesting, neither is on DVD. I can't make it to the Friday show (I'll be at Highland Perk), and I'm not sure I'll be there Saturday either.

If you're not going to see Night Tide, come out to Highland Perk for some comedy. Should be a blast.

Here's an amazing piece of music: a funk group from Belize covering the theme from The Godfather with Morricone-esque horns and funky beats. This would fit in quite nicely on the Kill Bill soundtrack.

Bill Maher was on fire last Friday. Here's his New Rules rant regarding Valerie Plame:


Blogger Ben Miró said...

That Godfather track is outstanding.

3/28/2007 4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Also, Bill Maher. Excellent.

"Niger please!"


3/28/2007 5:23 PM  

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