Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Weekend

At the movies this weekend:

The Egyptian has a Riot on the Sunset Strip Weekend. Friday night is a double feature of Riot on the Sunset Strip and You Are What You Eat. I caught Riot on Flix a while back ever seen those episodes of Dragnet where they arrest hippies who are on acid? Imagine one of those lasting two hours. It's got a reall TV look, and come to think of it, not nearly as funny as a Dragnet episode. BUT, it does have The Standells and The Chocolate Watch Band, and a great (very long) scene of a hippy girl doing interpretive go-go dancing while the acid kicks in, which is pretty damn cool. Big reason to go to this: Discussion between films with Larry Tamblyn and Tony Valentino of The Standells. And to see the very rare, not-on-DVD freakout You Are What You Eat, which includes live footage of Frank Zappa and the Mothers.

Saturday matinee is The Cool Ones, described thusly: "Dig this, pussycats: the luscious Debbie Watson stars as a frustrated go-go dancer on the Whizbam! TV show who creates a new dance craze, "The Tantrum," when she grabs the microphone on-camera from singer Glen Campbell." And Debbie Watson will be there in person to discuss the film. Vendors and live garage rock in the courtyard follows, before the night's double feature of The Trip and what sounds like a damn cool documentary, Mondo Hollywood. My favorite part of The Trip is when Peter Fonda is freaking out, and Bruce Dern tries to mellow him out. "Cool down, man. Let's go into the living room." Fonda: "Yeah...the Living Room. Oh, far out, man!" And Sunday is the documentary on psychedelic rock legend Rocky Erikson You're Gonna Miss Me (which I've heard is not all that great) doubled with something called The Love-Ins.

(Side note: since we've broached the subject of garage bands, are you familiar with The Sonics? If not, go here right now. They're probably the best of the genre.)

Meanwhile, The Aero is having a 70mm festival. You're chance to see Lawrence of Arabia, The Wild Bunch, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Baraka and (tonight:) Pink Floyd: The Wall on the big screen in 70mm.

While at the New Beverly, Boogie Nights is paired with what looks like a supremely cheesey 70's flick called Roller Boogie, and Sunday it's Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle and Playtime. Most likely I'll be going to see Mon Oncle. I saw it a long time ago, but I think I had a different expectation of what it was going to be like, and was a little bit disapointed. Since then, after seeing Playtime at The Egyptian, I've become a Tati fanatic, so it definitely deserves another look, and a chance to see it on the big screen is too good to pass up.


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