Saturday, November 03, 2007

Redd Kross @ The Echoplex 11/2/07

Cover Band
Annette's Got the Hits
Linda Blair
Janus, Jeanie and George Harrison
Frosted Flake
Bubblegum Factory
I Don't Know How to Be Your Friend
Lady in the Front Row
Jimmy's Fantasy
Mess Around
Clorox Girls
I Hate My School
Everyday There's Someone New
Celluloid City*
Blow You a Kiss in the Wind
Not a Lot to Say
Annie's Gone
Afterschool Special
Follow the Leader

Love is You
Staring Down the Poseur
Self Respect
Crazy Crazy World

Yeah, I don't know why they ended with that one (worst song in their repetoir), but it's not bad as a live jam. I wish the last two songs could have been substituted with "Look on up from the Bottom" and either "Elephant Flairs" or "Shonen Knife" or "1976". But still a great set.

My favorite part of the set was "Celluloid City", which on the album (Born Innocent from 1981 or '82) ends with Stephen (the younger of the McDonald Bros., he's about my age) saying "Cuz I've only been alive for 14 years." When they played it this time, he said "Cuz I've only been alive for 40 years." Oh, how time flies. Before the show I was talking to this guy, and he was kinda freaked out because he'd just broken up with the girl he'd been dating for 7 years. I felt bad for him, until he told me he was 21! He'd been dating the same girl since he had only been alive for 14 years! He was asking me about when I'd seen Redd Kross before, and he said "My dad was really into them. He saw them open for Black Flag. It's funny to be getting into my dad's music." I should be like "Oh, God, I'm so old!" but I think it's kinda cool. Hey, I wouldn't trade being (almost) 40 for being a teenager again under any circumstances!


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