Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Ol' Diamond Dave

OK, so everyone's heard the isolated vocal track from "Runnin' With the Devil" that's been circulating, right? (Actually, I'd seen it last week, but just actually listened to it five minutes ago at the urging of my friend David.) It's the whistle at the end of the guitar solo that kills me. I mean, I'd heard it in the song, but I guess I always figured it was one of Eddie's crazy guitar effects. The idea of Dave in the recording booth laying down his vocal tracks, then pulling out this whistle and going "Vwheeeeeeeeeoooooouuuuuul" just cracks me up. (What do you call those things, anyway? I keep wanting to say "slide whistle" but that's not what it is.)

I was thinking about this song, and I remembered this incident from high school, when I was writing the funny stuff for the school newspaper, and I guess I had made some offhand comment about David Lee Roth, and this girl in class who was a huge Van Halen fan said "Why do you hate David Lee Roth?" Which I didn't, but he's pretty easy to make jokes about. I'm trying and failing to remember exactly what happened, but I guess I decided to do a letters-to-the-editor column, and I included her question. And one of the reasons I gave for hating DLR (which I don't) was "Because he wrote the line 'I got no love in Ko-rea' but he lives in L.A." Which of course, was pretty dumb, because years later I realized he actually said "I got no love you'd call re-al."

Anyway, as long as I'm posting stuff that's making the rounds, have you seen Racquel Welch's Space-Girl Dance?


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