Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thai Movie Posters

I just had to post about this awesome Flash Gordon poster I picked up off of ebay. So fuckin' hot! I love that it depicts every single thing that happens in the movie! When I was a kid, I used to try to draw posters like this for movies that I liked.

This seller has a bunch of other great Thai posters for sale, and I just had to save some of them for posterity. I'm actually regretting that I didn't grab this poster for my favorite 90's Godzilla flick, just because that English plot description at the bottom is so amazing. I'd feel stupid paying seperate shipping from Thailand for it, though, and besides, I don't really know where I'd hang it.

It actually took me a minute to realize how innaccurate this Evil Dead 2 poster is. At no time in the movie is Ash actually beheaded, but the idea of him running around with no head and a chainsaw seems very much in the spirit of the film.


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