Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You, Ted Turner

One of the guys at Swork loaned me 42nd Street Forever Vol. 2: The Deuce. I have vol. 1, and it's fun, but the second one is so much better! Most of the movies on the first one are just sleazy, gross things you'd never want to actually watch, but Vol. 2 really makes me want to track down a lot of the movies. Even Dirt, a 70's documentary about various kinds of off-road racing stuck between a bunch of drag race and car chase films, looks like it would be fun to watch. But the one that most blew me away was Sugar Hill.

This may just be the perfect movie. And look, TCM is showing it Friday night, just in time for my birthday! In fact, I'm going to watch it Memorial Day as part of a 70's triple feature. And then, on the morning of my birthday proper (Tuesday), they're showing Sam Fuller's hard boiled noir Underworld U.S.A., which I've been wanting to see for ages. Thanks for the presents, Ted!

P.S. - I finally modified the post for the "Wyatt Tape" with Bob's complete liner notes. I was wondering why he never sent them, but it turns out Yahoo! was putting them in the spam folder or something. The formatting's all fucked up, but fuck it.


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