Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hillbilly Frankenstein, 1994

The embedding function doesn't seem to be friendly to my blog, so here's the link to Hillbilly Frankenstein performing at Sleazefest in 1994. This is the later line-up with a different singer. She doesn't have quite the amazing voice that Alice Berry had, but she still has some mighty pipes, and she makes up for it with some great rock n roll moves. And here's their Chapel Hill cousins, Southern Culture on the Skids.

The clip has footage of Hillbilly Frankenstein performing "Pitchin' Woo" from Hypnotica, and "Raw Bone," which I believe was released as a 7" before they broke up. There's also a very brief bit of one of their best songs, "(You've Gone From) High Class to Trailer Trash," which was never released. My other favorite Athens act, Redneck GReece Deluxe, had written a similar song called something like "(You've Gone From) Blue Blood to White Trash." HF clearly ripped the whole concept off, but I think they came up with a stronger song. I wish it had been released in some form. I still have HF's amazing album Hypnotica posted here. Go'n git it!


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