Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Punk Single of the Week: Dogbowl

This bizarre tune is a pretty good representative of my aesthetic values. I heard this song once on the radio back in the early 90's, and it stuck in my mind to the point where sometimes, 15 years later, I'd find myself singing it in my head. A couple months ago, I went to Amoeba Music to spend a gift certificate, and spent a half hour thumbing through their dollar singles bin, and lo and behold, there's that Dogbowl 45. And it sounds exactly like I remember. There seems to be no filter, no internal editing process, between the man's mind and the recording. It just comes straight from the subconscious. You can find the A-side on this anthology, the B-side (possibly a reference to X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes?) doesn't seem to be available anywhere. The artwork is a bit NSFW (it has doodled titties on it), so I only posted the back cover (which merely has a doodle of a guy with his eyes pulled out and "fuck" written on his leg, much more socially acceptable), but I posted the whole thing in the "artwork" file.


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