Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Single of the Week - Circle Jerks

Circle Jerks - Wild in the Street

Oh yeah, these were supposed to be punk singles. Well here's one. This is my all-time favorite punk song. Well, second favorite--nothing can touch "Lights Out". But this comes close. Listening to this can probably give you a much better understanding of why the punk rock that came out of America from about 1980-84 is my favorite music. A short, scrappy blast of teenage frustration and summertime release. I love the song so much that I couldn't resist buying this one-sided single, despite already having this song on both the Posh Hits and Rodney on the ROQ compilations (although my copy of Rodney is really too scratched to count). This is apparently the earliest recording by the Circle Jerks. According to the Posh Hits liner notes:

It was "Wild in the Studio" for the recording session with a very drunk singer Keith Morris. He finally put down his vocal tracks 6 minths later, during a period of medically-enforced abstinence, but by then the band had moved on to do Group Sex and another label.

They would later re-record this song as the title track to their second LP, but that version is twice as long and half as good.


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