Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Single of the Week - Queen

Just because that cover is so awesome. I like how the image binds the two titles together. Queen aren't really one of my favorites, but you have to admit, they're unique. I guess I'm a little ambivalent when their over-the-top hysterics are applied to prog rock, power ballads and faux showtunes, but attach that sensibility to a heavy metal anthem, and I'm all over it. From Wikipedia:

To release this song, Queen staged a bicycle race with 65[citation needed] naked girls. A clip from this race was used as the single cover. The video was originally banned, and the video had to be re-edited with colour added to censor out any offensive imagery. The song is famed for its 'bicycle bell solo', which fans would often replicate live at Queen concerts with their own such bells.

I remember reading about this event in a magazine long before I had ever heard Queen (I bought the magazine because it had KISS--the only rock band I had heard of at the time--on the cover. Always wear a helmet.


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