Monday, November 16, 2009

Single of the Week - The Mark IV

The Mark IV - I Got a Wife
The Mark IV - Ah-Ooh-Ga

Somehow, I picture "I Got a Wife" as being sung by a chorus of Fred and Barney's buddy's from the Water Buffalo Lodge. "Ah-Ooh-Ga," despite the brilliant title, is not that good. It seems to be a spoof of rock-n-roll written and arranged by people that had barely listened to the stuff.


Blogger Paul said...

I'VE GOT A WIFE is probably my fave novelty song. It was one of the records in my parents collection of 45's that I would listen to over and over again. THE MARK IV released at least 3 other singles. Their next best song is probably DANTE'S INFERNO, which was the B-side of a 45 that had MOVE OVER ROVER as its A-side. Another of their singles was a cover of MAIRZY DOATS, with a song titled RING RING RING THOSE BELLS on the flip side. As far as I know, their only other single to make an impression on the charts was "(MAKE WITH) THE SHAKE b/w 45 R.P.M", neither of which really does much for me, though they were invited to perform SHAKE on American Bandstand.

11/17/2009 7:22 AM  
Blogger Chris Oliver said...

Thanks for the info, Paul. This isn't Hellboy Paul, is it?

11/21/2009 3:43 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Nope. If anything, I'm a fully grown Hellman, not no mere Hellboy! Jokes aside, I came across your blog thanks to a standing google search I have in place to alert me anytime anyone writes about the Mark IV.

11/21/2009 6:48 PM  

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