Thursday, May 06, 2010

Who Killed Bambi?

I've been feeling guilty about the non-existent posting lately. I have things I want to write, but not the time to write them. But in case you missed it, one of the great white whales of my life has recently surfaced. Following the death of Malcolm McLaren, Roger Ebert dug up the screenplay he was commissioned by McLaren to write for a Sex Pistols movie, which was to be directed by Russ Meyer, and posted it on his website. The film never got made, and eventually the project morphed into Julian Temple's bizarre pseudo-documentary The Great Rock n Roll Swindle, which tells the story of the Sex Pistols as if McLaren were the principle protagonist. (30 years later, Temple revisited the story with the musicians giving their side in The Filth and the Fury.) Anyway, Ebert's recounting of the whole episode is probably more entertaining than the screenplay.


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