Friday, September 17, 2010

Psychedelicatessen Radio, Episode 4: Best Friends!

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Chris-n-Bobbie are joined by our longtime friends Sally Mullins and Vargus Mason. I think this is the best episode yet. It's the longest, clocking in at an hour and fifteen minutes, but I left a bunch of hilarious stuff out. I am still on a bit of a learning curve about hosting. I think there were a few times here where I stepped on our guests' punchlines. I need to be more like Johnny Carson, and no when to hold back.

I also need to mention, near the end I brought up the topic of "who is more fucked up, actors or comedians?" This is a conversation starter I've been using for a while now. My belief is that, while all creative types (artists, writers, musicians, whatever) are a bit nuts, it's really actors and comedians who are the worst, but I can't really decide which group is more fucked up. This conversation went in a direction I didn't really mean it to go, so I just want to clarify that I have great respect for what actors do. The fact that I can't even figure out how they do it, or what they're even doing, only increases my respect. Also, I think Arnold is a pretty decent governor. Actually, I think of him about the same way I think of Obama--he's doing the best he can with the disaster that got handed to him.

Anyway, here's some Sally:

And here's some Vargus:


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