Friday, December 24, 2010

Psychedelicatessen Radio Episode 9: Fuck Your Face With a Knife

Download or stream it here! We had a little too much fun making this one, and I got a little experimental at the end. I actually cut out some great stuff to get it down to about an hour and ten minutes. As it is, you can hear the shocking truth about carnies and dolphin porn, and we nearly come to blows debating the respective merits of chocolate and caramel, and the best way to serve grits.

UPDATED: I re-edited it to correct some errors, so now you have the horse porn section instead of the strangely repeated section on growing old. Link updated.

Chris Schumacher:

Lucy Craig:

And let's put some more Bobbie Oliver into the mix:

And seriously, fuck this purple motherfucker:


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