Monday, October 17, 2011

90's Hit Parade #20

Justin Warfield - Fisherman's Grotto

Justin Warfield was an interesting guy. He was basically one of those college acidheads, obsessed with Burroughs and Phillip K. Dick and gangta rap, who happened to be a decent rapper himself. The track I really liked back when was "Drugstore Cowboy," which took the premise of the movie of the same name and went nuts with it. Now, this is the conundrum for the modern druggie: acid is awesome, but heroin has the hipster cache, so they get mixed up in Justin's mythology: he's knocking over drug stores for heroin, but I guess this is the 60's, and you can also steal LSD from psych wards.

"Drugstore Cowboy" is a cool track, but the amazing horn riff, sampled from some old Chicago record, and frantic beat on "Firsherman's Grotto" sound as fresh as ever. This is one of my favorite party cuts, makes me want to just start jumping around the room whenever I hear it. There was a bunch of videos of remixes out there, but none of the original version, so I uploaded the mp3. Then I found a video of the original song, but I kept the mp3 up, who knows how long the video will last. After this, Warfield made a stoner metal record, which I've never heard.


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