Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Psychedelicatessen Radio, Episode 3.9: Tom Simmons

Download it here!

Tom Simmons and Bobbie Oliver started out together working the road through the South in the 90's.  Eventually, Bobbie moved to L.A. and Tom stuck with the road.  Now, they come together to discuss their divergent paths, joke-writing, road stories and old grudges.  It's 90 minutes and solidly funny and interesting.  I'm thinking I might post a second podcast from this material (we talked for over three hours), which would consist of us arguing about politics and religion.  We'll see.  You can also find this podcast on iTunes, and subscribe to Psychedelicatessen Radio.

Check out Tom's podcast Bully the Bullies, and follow him on Twitter, especially on Sundays when he does "pew tweets": he goes to a different church every Sunday and live-tweets the services.  He also has a second occasional podcast, The End is Not Near, and CD's and DVD's available, and he's probably performing near you soon.


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