Monday, July 01, 2013

Sleestak Lightinin'!!!, Episode 1 - Gospel: The Music of the Devil


Download it here!

Here's an all-music podcast I put together for a website that never quite took off.  It's 90 minutes of raw, punch-in-the-gut gospel music, with commentary by me.  I really enjoyed doing this, getting a chance to play Dr. Johnny Fever and share some awesome music.  If people dig this, I'll make some more of them.


The Missionaires - "Cloud Hanging Low (Part 2)"
Sister Ernestine Washington - "Holding On (Part 2)"
The Five Blind Boys of Alabama - "Fix It, Jesus"
The Traveling Inner Lights - "Let's Have a Family Prayer"

Elder Beck - "Rock n Roll Sermon
Elder A. Johnson - "God Don't Like It"
Rev. Gary Davis - "If I Had My Way"
Frederick McQueen & Rev. W.G. McPhee - "Sheep Know When Thy Sheppard Calling"
Rev. Julius Cheeks - "Holy Wine"

The MLK Jr. Ensemble Movement - "He Calmed The Ocean"
The Edwin Hawkins Singers - "Jesus is the Lover of My Soul"
The Rance Allen Group - "Ring My Bell"

The Trumpeteers - "Milky White Way"
The Memphis Sanctified Singers - "He Got Better Things For You"
Jessie May Hill - "The Crucifixion of Christ"
Austin Coleman - "My Soul is a Witness"
Brother Will Hairston - "Last Time"

The Staples Singers - "I'm Coming Home"
LaVerne Baker - "Saved!"

Bonus Video:


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This is fantastic!

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