Monday, November 11, 2013

Sleestak Lightnin!!! ep. 1.4 - Jazz for Potheads

Download it here!

This episode has a theme, as reflected in the title.  95 minutes of freaky, stoner jazz jams.  I've also gone back and fixed all the old episodes, so they should be easily downloadable and streamable from Mediafire now (check the link on the sidebar to access all of them).  The contents:

Del Close and John Brendt - Riff (exerpt)
Byard Lancaster - Prayer Cry
Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Egyptian Fantasy
Pharaoh Sanders - Village of the Pharaohs, Part 1

John Carter - Enter From the East
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Chi-Congo
Gato Barbieri - El Parana

Sonny Sharrock - As We Used to Sing
Charles Mingus - Ysabelle's Table Dance
Longineau Parsons - The Gathering

Rasahn Roland Kirk - Free For the Festival


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