Monday, February 03, 2014

Sleestak Lightnin!!! Ep. 1.6 - The First Episode of 2014!

Yeah, I didn't bother coming up with a decent episode title.  So sue me.  This one has some of my favs from 2013, and tributes to some folks who died in 2013, and some other stuff for no reason.  Download or stream it here!

Gin Wigmore - A Man Like That
Dragon Sound - Against the Ninja
Cristina - Mamamia
The Julie Ruin - Run Fast
Julia Holter - Maxim's II

The Eat - Open Man
White Flag - Pieces of Chris Trent
The Flowers - After Dark
Fega Pahopp - Halla Masken (or possibly Parlor at Svinen?)
Of Montreal - The Sirens of Your Toxic Spirit
Melt Banana - The Hive
All Them Witches - When God Comes Back
Black Sabbath - Damaged Soul

Lou Reed - Take a Walk on the Wild Side (Live)

More episodes here!


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