Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sleestak Lightnin!!!, Ep. 1.10 - Global Psychedelic Funk

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Thursday night, August 21st at 8:00 pm, I will be recording a long set at Tao Comedy Studio, along with my buddy John Fontaine.  Bobbie is going to host the show, I'm going to try to do an hour.  It's free, free parking in back, and I could really use some people in the audience.  Going to be a VERY fun night of comedy.

Over the last, oh, 5 years I guess, the biggest part of my musical diet has been these compilations of funky, psychedelic records from the 60's and 70's from Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean and elsewhere, so I'm dedicating this entire show to that shit.  Far out music from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Texas, Sweden and who knows where else.  Please forgive me stumbling over so many of the foreign names and titles. Below is the track listing, I also included Amazon links to the featured compilations.  Plus, a few minutes of new comedy bits at the beginning.

Ofo the Black Company - Allah Wakbar (from Nigeria 70, Vol. 1)
The Mebusas - Mr. Bull Dog (from The World Ends: Afro Rock and Psychedelia in 1970's Nigeria)
Hasabe - Aayalew Mesfin (from Ethiopiques Vol. 8: Swinging Addis)
El Rego et ses Commandos - Se Na Min (from African Scream Contest)
Asiko Rock Group - Lagos City (from Nigeria Disco Funk Special)

Irakere - Baccalao Con Pan (from Si, Para Usted: Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba)
Santander Flores - Capital Cebuista (from The Original Sound of Cumbia)
Marius Cutler - Guanavaco (from Calypsoul 70)
Cassimbas Negras - Bumburumbumbum (from Palenque Palenque)
Balanca Povo - Novo Dia (from Black Rio Vol. 2)

The Hygrades - In the Jungle (from Nigeria Rock Special)
The Fabulous Mark III - Psycho (from Texas Funk)
Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Makers - Dododo (Ekassa No 1) (from Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump)
Number One de Dakar - Yonoudaraji

Baby Grandmothers - Somebody Keeps Calling My Name (from Forge Your Own Chains)


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