Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Full Set!

The good news is that I recorded a 50-minute set, a milestone goal that I had been planning to accomplish this year.  I actually had another 5-minute chunk that I was going to do, but bailed on because the audience seemed to be running out of energy, and probably 5 more minutes (including 2 of my favorite jokes) that just didn't fit in with this set.

The bad news is that I had planned to upload the audio as a free "album," but the audience was so small that it just doesn't sound good enough to do that with.  But I can at least post the video on YouTube as proof of my accomplishment, right?  Seriously, though, I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment, and I think this is a quality chunk of material, so check it out if you got 50 minutes.

Bonus round: this is me at the Funny Feminist Show at UnUrban Coffeehouse on Pico last Sunday.  6 minutes of mostly new stuff, including my jokes on the Ferguson, MO situation.


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