Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So How Was Your Year?

Major accomplishment of 2014: performing a 50-minute set of standup comedy.  I was a bit unsatisfied with the conditions, so I didn't go through with my plan of posting the audio as an "album," but I posted the video on YouTube.  I may try to re-record it at some point, but I dunno, I'm onto new material, so...we'll see.  Anyway, I got some really good responses to this, and I'm quite proud of it, so here it is:

I also recorded eight episodes of Sleestak Lightnin!!!, the musical podcast that literally no one listens to!  So hey, if you want to hear some eclectic tunes and madcap commentary, download some of these.  (Episode 12 is a good starting point.)

And we continue to build the reputation of our venue, Tao Comedy Studio.  We have an open mic every Friday night, a women-only open mic (Laugh Riot Grrrl) every Monday night, a variety of shows and workshops.  The feminist-themed Pussy Riot show is starting to pick up a following.  We have made it a goal to run a safe space for female comics, and we book the shows and run the mics accordingly.  And the space is available to rent for shows, classes, meetings, readings, whatever. 

Plus, I got to see Acid Mothers Temple live.  So I had a pretty good year.


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