Friday, June 03, 2005

The Grape Soda Incident

Forgot to mention this little story. Sunday, I made my bi-weekly trip to Galco's. I was getting 12 sodas, so I had one of those baskets you carry. I had one more bottle to get, but I couldn't quite make it past the crowd in the aisle, so I set my basket down on an open case of Grape Nehi on a counter and made my way through the crowd. Came back, put the soda in my basket, picked the basket up, and started walking toward the checkout. Well, apparantly, when I picked up the basket, I knocked three of the sodas over. It was a strange time-delay thing. I had already turned around when they hit. The bottles didn't shatter, but their caps all flew off and sprayed me from behind with a sticky purple shower. As I was trying to figure out what happened, I felt more hitting me on the head. I looked up, and the soda had actually hit the roof and created a puddle up there that was dripping down on me! The guy came over and said "Here, let me get you a cart." Meanwhile, I picked up the bottles to stop them from spilling. So he comes back with a shopping cart and says "Here's a cart, I'll clean that up." I said "I'm OK, I have a basket." And then he says, rather sternly, "Just take the cart, sir." Logically, I know it was perfectly reasonable for him to say, but I stewed about it all day, the implication that I was too incompetent to make it from there to the checkout counter without another spill unless I had a shopping cart.


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