Thursday, August 04, 2005

Right Now

Since I finished my class last night, I get some of my free time back. I'll take the CBEST in two weeks, so if I was smart, I'd use this time to prepare for the test, but we all know that's not gonna happen. I've been told it's about GED-level difficulty, so I'm not worried.

Took me exactly 14 days to finish the Harry Potter book (minus a few hours). I'm bailing on finishing Tim Powers' Last Call, which I started in early July. I hate doing that (unless I'm just not liking the book, which is not the case here), but I lost the rhythm by interrupting it with The Half-Blood Prince, and I've just spent too much time with it. I want to move on. I'm starting on Absolom, Absolom. I'm also probably going to skim through the rest of The Godless Constitution and do a little summary/book report entry on this blog.

Currently checked out from the library:

A Taste of Old Cuba by Maria O'Higgins
The Flavor of Cuba by Laura Milera
Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide
Dr. John - Trippin' Live
Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Live Mardis Gras in Montreaux

Coming soon (I type this just to commit myself), some brief reviews of overdue library CDs, and a post on Sam Fuller's Forty Guns.


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