Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh yes, he's much more powerful than The Batman!

Funky Batman! This is the best song since the last song I said was the best song ever!

On a related note, follow the links to a few dozen cool attempts at drawing batgirl. A mixed bag, some of them are awful, but some are oh-so-cute. (Thanks to Bedazzled for the link)

And this has nothing to do with batfolk, but Molly Ivins is making a lot of sense.


Anonymous prints by mohka said...

That's excellent news, thanks a lot for that!

8/15/2012 6:34 AM  
Anonymous wall art prints said...

Great stuff, keep it coming!

8/21/2012 8:37 AM  
Anonymous Claire said...

What an interesting post, but still Batman isn't that powerful!

10/03/2012 1:24 AM  

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