Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spittin' Wicked Randomness, Vol. 8

One of the most exciting bits of footage in the BBC History of Rock documentary series was some footage of The Stooges playing live c. Funhouse, apparantly on some TV show. I've been wanting so badly to see the whole thing, and now Bedazzled has it. There's actually not much more to it than what was shown, but just the fact that this exists is pretty amazing. He also has some MC5 stuff up.

My friend Jason sent me this link to a video about the legal and artistic aspects of sampling. "Sampling is like the color blue. Is the color blue creative? Well, it is if you use it creatively." (so sayeth Media Assassin Harry Allen)

Do you live in L.A.? If so, turn on your radio to 88.9. Do you hear KXLU, or do you hear some Christian station illegally muscling in on the bandwidth? If it's the latter, fill out this "Evidence Drive" form and send it in!

These guys have made a map to "public fruit" in Silverlake. Story about them on KPCC. Discover the public fruit in your neighborhood! "L.A. doesn't present itself to you. New York is all in store windows and up front. L.A.'s a pretty secretive place."

Here's a fantastic blog documenting a roadtrip down Route 66. Check out the piece on the wig wam motel! This covers a lot of places I'm hoping to visit, so it's pretty useful.


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