Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vote on November 7th

Here's the short version: vote Democrat, if for no other reason than to strengthen the party nationally. Every Republican in office in California increases the chances of a Republican redistricting over the next two years that could take California out of the solidly blue category for the 2008 presidential election. Conversely, a Democrat-controlled redistricting could (as slimy as this sounds) result in Democrats picking up 2 to 6 congressional seats in 2008 and 2010 elections. The current Republican administration deserves to be definitively repudiated, even in the case of individual politicians whom you may like.

Vote yes on 87, and get us moving toward oil independence. Vote yes on 89, a flawed but necessary first step toward cleaning up California's political system (and in L.A., vote yes on measure R). Vote no on prop 90, which does nothing to protect property owners from misuse of eminent domain, but is a scam to increase the money taxpayers have to pay for government-acquired property.

I'm voting yes on 1A through 1E, 84, and measures H and J. No on 86, just because I think it's a pussy move--either cigarettes are illegal, or their not. I hate this idea that we'll keep cigarettes legal, but make them cost $75 a pack and not let them advertise their product. As of this moment, I'm on the fence (leaning toward no) on 83, 85, and 88. If you want to peruade me on any of this, leave a comment.


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