Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Events

In 1979, a punk rock band out of Florida called The Eat pressed 500 copies of a 7" with two of their songs, "Communist Radio" and "Catholic Love." 100 of those copies were given away free at a release party, and many of them were probably smashed by the crowd. Then, years later, Jello Biafra was being interviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll, and he mentioned "Communist Radio" as one of his favorite regional punk records. Next thing you know, copies of it were going for as much as $1,000 to obsessive punk collectors. "Communist Radio" really is one of the best pop-punk songs I've ever heard, pure hook built on a Ramones beat. And now, the entire discography of The Eat, along with several live performances, is now available on a double CD from Alternative Tentacles, It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity. And there was much rejoicing! Thanks to Something I Learned Today and KBD Records for alerting me! It's also available for download on eMusic, along with other great Florida bands. For more information on The Eat and Florida punk, go here...or check your local library!

Yes, many exciting events are coming up this month. The American Cinematheque wraps up the Mods & Rockers festival tonight with a 3-hour extravaganza. All My Loving features vintage 1967-68 performances by Hendrix, Zappa, Floyd, The Who, The Beatles and more set to violent news footage from Vietnam, and it's followed by Cream's 1969 farewell concert and a 1971 documentary following Cream's drummer Ginger Baker through Africa! And tomorrow begins the 7th Festival of Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction and Whatever the Fuck! Some highlights: This Sunday, Ken Russell's The Devils shares a bill with The Blood on Satan's Claw. Next Thursday, a Peter Lorre/evil hands double bill of The Beast With Five Fingers and the amazing Mad Love. Saturday the 25th, a new Ultraman movie, and a double feature of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) and Fiend Without a Face.

August on TCM is Summer Under the Stars month, where each day is dedicated to one star. 7/6 is Robert Mitchum, 7/7=Jane Russell, 7/9=Myrna Loy (with plenty of Thin Man movies), 7/10=Vincent Price, 7/16=Elvis, 7/19=Errol Flynn, 7/30=Buster Keaton. Also, Friday is Joan Crawford. I'm not a huge Joan Crawford fan, but they are showing Trog!

Music worth grabbing this week:

Anonymous - Corporate Food 7". Some of the weirdest shit I've ever heard.
Danny Cox - "Hot Down in Chile". Pro-Alliende funk!
Melvin Jackson - "Funky Skulls". Epic funk jam with bizarre treated bass.
Killed by 7". Exactly as many great punk tunes as you can shake a stick at.

Recomended reading: George Saudners' critique of the American psyche. One of the funniest things I've ever read.


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