Monday, August 06, 2007

A Quicky (On Global Warming)

Global warming denialists are kinda funny. It should be a relatively simple Occam's Razor test: do you believe that the combined efforts of Al Gore and the handfull of politicians who have made an issue of the environment, the powerful alternative energy lobby, liberal academics and environmental activist groups have managed to strong arm 90+% of the scientific community into going along with the lie of man-made global warming, or do you believe that the oil companies (the most economically powerful group in the world, which also happens to include the President and Vice President of the United States), the coal lobby, the U.S. auto makers and the manufacturing industry in general have used their massive wealth to convince a small handfull of scientists (most of them in oil-funded think tanks) that the whole thing is a hoax? It doesn't seem that dificult to figure out.

But apparently, some industries are starting to line up on the side of reality. According to Dr. Robert Bell, author of The Green Bubble - Waste into Wealth: the New Energy Revolution, insurance companies are beginning to actively lobby for more sane environmental policies as they are faced with the possibility of huge payouts for damage caused by increasingly strong tropical storms and advancing oceans. Robert Bell isn't a climatologist, but an economist, who is looking at the politics of "greening" from a mostly economic standpoint. Ian Masters has an fascinating interview with Dr. Bell on his July 29th episode of Background Briefing. Download the podcast here.


Blogger thudlike said...

Dude, you've been snookered by the hype. "Global Warming" is nothing but an issue transparently manufactured for political ends. Junk science elevated to enshrined wisdom.
You won't hear a peep about "global warming" after the 08 election.
Except from "naysayers" like me, who will never let my friends (who've bought into the silliness)live this one down.

8/06/2007 11:50 PM  

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