Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hillary Strikes Back!

I have to say, I like Hillary a lot more when she's being angry and bitchy than when she's trying to do this nice guy act. I don't really have anything against her, I just think we have two much better choices (three before Biden dropped out). Look how tired they all are. And they have three days to go!

Also hilarious how they've all seized on "change" as the buzzword:

Obama: I represent change, and the American People want change, because it's time for a change and my mind is going through them changes in order to change the changeation.

Edwards: Changity changity changity changity choo!

Hillary: Me change too!

It's interesting. The Democrats are all pretty much on the same page as far as policy goes. The differences are mostly about tone, focus and experience. The Republicans are all over the map. Chaos. As I see it right now, Hilary's biggest threat is Huckabee, who comes off as such a likeable guy, and even he could have a tough time against her. Obama could probably lose to McCain, who would just hammer him constantly on experience (Giulliani would do the same, but he's coming off as the megalomaniac lunatic that he is now, and next to Obama's calm confidence, I think he'd look even worse). Edwards could probably wipe the floor with any of them.

I'm pretty in political junkie mode now. Can barely think about anything else.


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