Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Wacky Misunderstood Lyrics

So I was talking about misinterpreting Van Halen lyrics, and whadya know, another misinterpretation came up the other night, when Bobbie and I were singing bits of PE's "I Can't Do Nothin For Ya, Man" at the dinner table. I said "Makin' love the wrongest of the right/Tryin' to be cat burgler in the night," and Bobbie started laughing and told me that it's actually "Makin' love to wrong instead of right" or something. And the funny thing is, my way doesn't make any gramatical sense, but it's Flavor Flav, so that doesn't seem like a convincing argument. I mean, it made sense to me: on the scale of rightness, you're making love way over at the "wrong" end of that scale--the wrongest of the right.

Another one that really disapointed me was in "Shadrach," when Yauch says "You been listenin' to my records, A #1 sounds," which I always heard as "You been listenin' to my records? Ain't nothin' but sound." Wouldn't that be much cooler?


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