Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spittin' Wicked Randomness, Vol. XXV

I went to see Tomorrow Is Another Day at the noir festival at The Egyptian last week. These old films noir are like 60's garage rock records. Every time you think you've seen all the good ones, you find out about another. They're not all great, but most of them are pretty enjoyable, and you just know that there's always another great one buried at the bottom of the barrel somewhere. Tommorrow was maybe a bit too good to be one of my favorites (that is, not sleazy enough), but man, it's a great, dark story. The other feature, Highway 301 was a bit cheesy, but more energetic. It starts off with the governors of Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina talking to the camera about how important this film is because it shows that crime doesn't pay, and man...the NC Governor looked like such a sleazy used car salesman, a fat guy in a loud suit that didn't fit him well, with a lapel flower. Had some pretty intense violence.

I had intended to post the classic, hard-to-find "head" comedy album A Child's Garden of Grass in honor of 4/20, but as I was preparing to post it, I realized it's actually in print from Rhino Handmade (limited edition of 5,000), and I don't like the idea of posting whole albums that are in print. But hey, you have my reccomendation. Go buy A Child's Garden of Grass.

Songs I Didn't Know Were Covers:

A few weeks ago, the great Rev. Frost posted the Rock-A-Teens' original recording of "Woo-Hoo!" (the song from Kill Bill). He even went to the trouble of transcribing the lyrics! It's not as energetic as the 1,2,3,4's version, but I like the drum breaks. Not to be outdone, the Locust Street blog posted Bo Diddley's version of "Pills." I knew that this was the one song on the first New York Dolls album that wasn't credited to the band, but it fit in so well with their sound that I always assumed someone had written it for them. I just couldn't picture it not being a New York Dolls song. Bo Diddley's version is the same lyrics, same basic chord changes, but a completely different song, and sounds kinda like Buddy Holly. And his version is even catchier than the Dolls!


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