Wednesday, April 02, 2008

TiVo Alerts

What the hell made me think that now was a good time to start a new blog project? I guess I fell into the common mistake of thinking that everyone who was saying they were excited about contributing would actually contribute. Some of y'all know what I'm talkin' about.

I haven't even been keeping this blog up properly. So, in an effort to retain my readership (which I believe may number in the high single digits), a public service: here are some things you should set your TiVo for in April on TCM.

On Tuesday, 4/15, they're showing a bunch of rock n roll movies: Don't Knock the Rock, Don't Knock the Twist, Bop Girl...most of these are basically musical reviews connected by a few scenes of thin plot. The one I reccomend everyone catching is Get Yourself a College Girl. Also, Cha-Cha-Cha Boom! starring Perez Prado sounds pretty cool.

4/9: Ring of Fear (1954): "Mystery writer Mickey Spillane tries to help Clyde Beatty deal with a plot to sabotage his circus." This sounds pretty cool, as it has both Spillane and Beatty playing themselves.

4/18: Suburbia (1984): Penelope Spheeris' punk rock drama as part of juvenile delinquent night.

4/20: Michael (1924): "In this silent film, a famed artist fights his passion for a male model, until the young man falls for a woman." Sounds pretty hot! And it's directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer. And followed by the Josef von Baky 1943 version of Munchausen, and then Charles Burnett's Killer of Sheep (1977).

4/21: The Maltese Bippy (1969), starring Dan Rowan and Dick Martin! "A porn star thinks he's become a werewolf!" Also starring Julie Newmar! Is there any possible way that could not be awesome?

4/26: Scorsese on Scorsese (2004): Self-explanatory.


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