Tuesday, August 26, 2008

September at the Silent Movie Theater: Hip Hop Movies

It's pretty pathetic that I've still never gone to the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax (which no longer shows exclusively silent movies since they were taken over by a shadowy entity known as The Cinefamily), but that will change in September.

Word is Born: Hip Hop at the Movies, 1979-1984

9/2 @ 8pm / SERIES: word is born
Wild Style
Bongo Barbership

9/11 @ 8pm / SERIES: word is born
80 Blocks From Tiffany's
The Deadly Art of Survival

9/14 @ 8pm
Beat Street

9/18 @ 8pm / SERIES: word is born
Style Wars
Stations of the Elevated
All City

9/23 @ 8pm
Delicious Vinyl presents: L.A. Old-Skool, 1982-1989

9/25 @ 8pm / SERIES: word is born
Beat This! Hip-Hop Rarities

I can skip Beat Street and Breakin', but the rest gets me giddy. I've seen Style Wars and Wild Style, but the bonus short films make these screenings pretty attractive. And 80 Blocks From Tiffany's? I watched part of it on YouTube before it was removed, but I can't stand watching a movie on YouTube. And The Deadly Art of Survival! Fuck yeah!

P.S. The other shoe drops!

P.P.S. Fixin' to move Brandy up to Oakland (permanently, she's got an apartment and all that), so probably no blogging for the next few days. I'll see if I can squeeze one more post out before I leave.


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