Friday, September 12, 2008

Extra Random

I put a new (very short) post up on Headliner Magazine. I'm going to give it one more shot this fall, and see if we can get it off the ground. Anyone interested in contributing any kind of content related to the world of comedy, hit me up.

I also want to point out that, on Matthew Perpetua's Pop Songs '08 blog (where he has just finished the task of writing about every single REM song ever), Michael Stipe is now personally answering questions about his lyrics. This seems like a great opportunity, but when I think through his songs and try to figure out what the question I've always had is, I realize that I never really thought too much on any of his lyrics, since none of them made much sense to me. It's fun to see how maleable these lyrics become in people's minds:

Q: In New Test Leper, what is the test? Why is the protagonist under attack, and by whom (various opinions on this were posted in response to Matthew’s review)?
A:The test is short for testament, the new testament of the bible being the reference.

DUH! Still, even getting concrete answers, you wonder if the guy might not still be putting us on:

Q: From Can’t Get There From Here, there is an ambiguous line just before “Brother Ray can sing my song.” It sounds like: “Trish is sure to serve the beer now.” Is this correct?

A: tris is sure to shir[sp?] the deers out. Its a friend chris’ nickname, and his ability to whistle to attract deer

In other news, tomorrow I have to go to traffic school all day. Not even for a speeding ticket, but a didn't-come-to-a-complete-stop-at-a-stop-sign ticket, which is so lame. And my dryer seems to be broken.


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