Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Weird Being 40

No, really. 40 is a really strange age. When you're 40, you can't deny that you're old, or at least not young. I mean, when you're 30, you're solidly in the adult column, but you're still kind of a young adult. 40, you're definitely past that corner.

It's an awkward age, just like your tweens are awkward. I'll be describing someone as "an older guy," then I'll realize they're probably about my age. In fact, it's hard to figure out how old or young people are compared to me. I've started playing a game on the rare occasions I go out to a rock club, called Who Is Older Than Me? It's hard to figure out sometimes. Your whole point of reference is messed up. Is my self-image that inherently young?

Sometimes I have these weird, disorienting revelations. Like now, for instance, I was just thinking about that show 30 Someting. That was on when I was in college, and it was about baby boomers, and they were younger than I am now! What the fuck?


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