Friday, October 10, 2008

The Republican Party's Transformation Into a Violent Mob

God, isn't it fascinating to watch a political party fall to pieces before your eyes? The split that's going on in the GOP is pretty clear. On the one hand, you've got the conservative columnists and pundits who are not currently employed by the GOP in any capacity, like George Will, David Frum and Kathleen Parker, basically intelligent people who see conservatism as a coherent philosophy of governance. These people managed to get behind Bush in 2004, for the most part. They probably came to the conclusion that the guy was a fuck up sometime around 2005, but figured they could just bite their tongues for a couple years, then get back on track. But they're bailing on McCain now, and probably for a variety of reasons, but they seem very disturbed by the direction of the campaign and the party. They want McCain to talk about the issues, to offer conservative solutions for the economic crisis, and to just stop with the crazy talk about Ayres, Barrack Hussein Obama, Muslim genes and unAmerican traitors. On the other hand, you have the angry mobs attending these rallies, who are basically yelling "MORE CRAZY TALK PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm not gonna post all the videos, you've seen them, but this one seems to be the one that sums up what's happening:

...and even more so in light of this post. And even funnier when you see a thread like this one on the Free Republic Forums:

The purpose of this thread is to help Freepers and lurkers decide upon what the best mode of self defense would be in the case of the breakdown in social order such as happened with the Rodney King riots.

This scenario is called the SHTF scenario, where the acronym stands for $#+ Hits The Fan. So this will be the SHTF gun thread for November 2008... Of course, gun ownership isn't for everyone. But it is the most accessible safety measure under our constitution, which is as our founding fathers intended. Recall where the police were when the Rodney King riots started: they left the scene for their own safety. If that were to happen in your neighborhood, what is your plan?

I find this pretty hilarious, not only because it reveals the ignorance of what exactly happened in '92 (pretty standard in conservative circles), but for the obvious reason that it's not Obama supporters that are looking like an angry mob of irrational goons. You can talk about Bill Ayres, but that shit was 40 years ago. In recent memory, domestic terrorists have mostly been from the far right: Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Randall Terry. It's the far right that has militias, that has a history of violence, and that is being whipped up into a hysterical frenzy of hate. I'm not too worried living in L.A., but I know if I were still in Athens I'd be thinking about investing in better locks for my doors and maybe an extra handgun or something.

On an almost-seperate subject, is anyone else getting sick of hearing a political party spend all their time shitting on the half of the U.S. population that lives in cities? It ain't the Democrats that are being "elitist" here. Apparantly, people who live in cities aren't "real people" and don't have "values." Which, OK, we're all grown-ups here, let's talk about what this all really means. These are the people that are still mad about the period of time when Big City Values were being forced onto Small Town America. That time was from the mid-60's to the early 70's, right? And all these coded implications about how Obama "doesn't see America the way you and I do," and how we don't really know who he is (as opposed to Sarah Palin, who won't even give a press conference?), we all know what that stuff really means, right? I really don't like where all this is going.


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